About the Author: Dave Moore

A “stream of consciousness” writer, Dave is writing his books so that his readers can learn from his experiences, proving that there is a light side to any rocky journey.

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After he crashed an airplane at 23 years old, he was told “there’s no reason you should be alive.” In his first book,

In  “Lines Along the Wall,” you can experience this memory through his own words, as well as other life-changing events that occurred throughout his life.

“Lines Along the Wall” is available in hardcover and on Kindle for Amazon.

In this inspiring story of perseverance, Dave takes you along on the decisions, or “lines” he has chosen in his life — good or bad — in his many adventures: some hilarious, some serious, some you will question and some you will relate to.Lines Along the Wall is a true story, of a boy finding his way to manhood, as Dave pursues his ultimate dream of becoming a military aviator.

Dave married his wife, Kendal, a personal trainer, in 2013, and they live in Pittsburgh.